We have inherited a schooling system that socialises us into conditioned thinking, regimentation and conformity. Uneducated is a multi-disciplinary performance which explores the role of education in identity formation, proposing that pedagogy not only prescribes ways of receiving and making knowledge, but also restricts individuality and creativity.

Moment from the 1st instalment of Uneducated – Pan African Market, August 2014

The project raises a number of key questions: Can our education system begin to free us as Africans? Is it capable of being reformed or transformed from within? Given that the structure is very much bound up with neo-colonialism, what are some alternative paths for learning and teaching?


Performed by Jacqueline Manyaapelo, Khayalethu Witbooi & Malik Ntone Edjabe

Production – Chumisa Ndakisa & Evan Abrahamse

Direction – Faniswa Yisa