Sex education

We have undertaken a sex education project which seeks to explore alternative sex education within the contemporary African context.

Sex education is primarily a public and primary health care issue but cross cuts with cultural practice, belief, media and the unpredictability of human sexuality itself. Issues of power, freedom and the self loom large in a nexus of critical situations for individual humans in the context of sexuality and sexual awareness.

Moments from the 1st Sex Ed workshop – Greatmore Studios, March 2015

Bringing into dialogue students, workers, artists, writers, academics, community members and more, the project considers and explores the role of a number of existing sex education pedagogies, including the pre-colonial, asking: What is the quality of our sex education? It draws on popular and feminist education methodologies, seeking to center the knowledge and lived experiences of participants.

Ultimately, the project seeks to critically engage established paradigms of sex education, while exploring possibilities for the development of newer, more empowering ones.

Film produced in collaboration with residents at RR Section, Khayelitsha as part of our 2nd Sex Ed workshop – May 2015

The project has been realised as a series of workshops oriented around the use of participatory art-making practices, with each workshop culminating in an exhibition of the work created by participants. Previously it has been organized in collaboration with Greatmore Studios (Woodstock, Cape Town) and Upstart (Makhanda).