Music as the weapon of the future, Youth Day 2021

As part of an ongoing project exploring music education in the contemporary African context, we are running a series of open, activity driven workshops.

We are concerned for this particular session with the role of music among the youth and in the struggle for the liberation of our people. This question speaks to the issue of music as an educational mechanism in our everyday lives. The workshop aims to be participatory and family-friendly.

We will be joined by record collector and DJ GrilBlue, who will provide a musical response to the issues discussed.

11:00 – Doors open
12:00 – Workshop begins
14:30 – Workshop ends/lunch is served
15:00 – GirlBlue kicks off
17:00 – Close

We hope to see you there!

Freespace in the bush of cosmospirits

In collaboration with People’s Education, and as part of this year’s installment of the UCT Decolonial School, This Thing Is Plural presents: “Freespace in the bush of cosmospirits.”

“The bush of cosmospirits” is a project that makes use of Freespace as a discursive platform with possibilities for knowledge production. It brings forward an argument about ontological reality, drawing on clues in the world as we concretely experience it.

Time: 20:30 – 23:30

Date: Friday, 29 June 2018

Venue: Hiddingh Hall, Hiddingh Campus UCT

Free entry. We hope see you there.

See here for more info.

Freespace 0.1

Brought to you by People’s Education, Freespace is “an open platform for spontaneous expression”. This session was held in Grahamstown during the National Arts Festival (2015), and ran alongside an experimental workshop on Sex Education in the Contemporary African Context. The intervention was lead by a number of participant facilitators, but members of the general public also took part.